Project Booking System

Track multiple projects and talent scheduling with CastAppleStudio instant casting notifications and booking system. Talent are instantly text and emailed when booked on your projects. Talent then log-in or call to confirm your work call.

To notify talent for the same booking with work call details, update the information section and our software will automatically text and email the information to your booked talent. Talent once again will log in or call to confirm receipt of their work call details. Simple, Fast, and Efficient Casting!

CastApple Studio Casting Software Project Booking System

  • Easily view all or a select group of talent bookings.
  • Print, email , or export to PDF or Excel.
  • Add custom production notes or payment adjustments quickly.
  • Complete tracking to view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.

CastAppleStudio: Sample Talent Booking (Fit to monitor size aspect)

booking system


CastAppleStudio: Sample Edit Booking
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CastAppleStudio: Talent Booking Confirmation
When talent confirms a call, they cannot change the status back to unconfirmed.
Only the casting director can change the talent booking back to unconfirmed.
Example: when releasing the details for the work call.
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