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CastAppleStudio: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Most talent find casting companies, agencies, and directors through search engines (google, bing, or yahoo).
Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and mobile devices have quickly become the hottest way to access the internet.

Start up SEO Services is included with all CastApple Inc. designed websites!

Our SEO Services Team will create or update your existing company website specifically to your casting profession. Every CastApple website is optimized for web, tablet, and smart phones. When talent type in (example) “casting in <<insert city>>” , search engines will find your company!

Studies have shown websites with proper SEO can see an increase up to 62% in web page clicks!

Search Engine Optimization

CastApple SEO Services guarantees your company will see results within just a few days!

    • CastApple complete detailed front and internal data specific to your casting profession
    • Weekly SEO Analysis Reports for (3) months to (1) year
    • SEO spread sheet breakdowns available daily, weekly, and monthly.

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